Winter Activities for Elementary Students

winter activities for elementary students

The holidays are winding down and the winter season is ramping up! The winter season doesn’t officially start until the end of the December, so January and February are the perfect months to bring winter activities to your elementary students. (Think blizzards, winter animals, and more!) I have a ton of ready to go and easy to use resources on deck for you to use throughout the winter months. Here is a roundup of my favorites!

Winter Weather

Winter weather is something that kids of all ages always find so fascinating. Where I live in Florida, we don’t have much winter weather so learning about it is always fun for us Floridians! You can teach your students about all types of storms or dive deeper into a study of blizzards and avalanches. All of these winter weather units include informational texts and skill pages.

Learning about the Arctic and Antarctica

I know that finding nonfiction, kid-friendly resources can be hard! I’m here to simplify it for teaching about the polar regions. This resource includes multiple texts about Antarctica, the Arctic, the North & South Poles, and even polar animals. It is the perfect addition to your study of the Earth’s polar regions.

This unit includes over 45 pages of informational learning intertwining reading and science together while teaching about the Arctic and Antarctica. A complete digital version is also now included.

Winter Math Boom Cards

If you aren’t using Boom cards in your classroom yet, you are missing out my friend! You can read more about them in this blog post, but essentially Boom cards are self-checking task cards. I just love them!

These winter boom card decks are ready to use technology with a fun and festive winter theme. I have over 10 math winter themed decks in my shop now. Most are second grade math standards based, but there are a few 3rd and 4th grade in there too. I am ALWAYS making and adding more so be sure to check back often for any new decks!

Polar Bears Animal Study

I have always loved learning about animals and life cycles, and the polar bear is no exception! Such a fascinating animal that most never see outside of a zoo. From vocabulary posters to a polar bear research project, this unit contains all you need for teaching about this white giant. Just print and teach! Includes both a print and digital version.

polar bears animal study for kids

Penguins Animal Study

Who doesn’t love penguins? They are just so cute and funny, they are a fan favorite over here! This resource is large, with over 80 pages of penguin learning packed into the unit. It includes informational text and activities on the penguin life cycle, penguin parts and bird characteristics. This unit also includes the digital version as well.

penguins unit for elementary students
I hope you find a fun, new resource to try out this winter season from some of my favorites! Happy teaching! 

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winter activities for elementary students