Valentine’s Day Games for the Elementary Classroom

Whether you are planning a full day of Valentine’s Day fun or just want to incorporate a little bit into your day, I have some great ideas for you! My students always love to dance, move their body, and interact with each other so games are always a hit for classroom holidays or parties. Today, I am going to share some of my favorite go-to Valentine’s Day games for the elementary classroom.

Pin the Arrow on Cupid

Just like the old favorite, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, students will be trying to “pin” the arrow in cupid’s hand. Teacher tip: My favorite way to draw things that are more difficult is googling a picture and projecting onto my white board to trace onto chart paper! Easy and it always looks great! This would be how I would draw a cupid for this game. Laminate so it lasts more than one year!

Cupid Says

This is the Valentine’s Day themed version of “Simon Says’! This is a super easy game to add into your day whenever you are waiting in the hall or have an extra 5 minutes before your next activity. The best part- no prep needed for this one!

Valentines-themed BINGO

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? So why not find a Valentines themed bingo card set and it is instant holiday fun! I love to use mini heart erasers from Amazon (or your favorite bulk store) as the card markers and the kids can keep them when the game is over! Win, win! Check TPT, Amazon or Hobby Lobby for already made Bingo cards. Here is a cute set from Amazon.

Guess the Friend

I know in intermediate grades we often focus more on friendship during Valentine’s Day so this game is a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day fun! Have each student write a fun fact about themselves on a sticky note and turn in. Throughout the day read the fun facts and have students guess which class friend each fact is about. 

Heart Hunt

This one is a perfect option for your students to get that sugar induced energy out! Hide paper (or foam, plastic etc) hearts around the playground or another outdoor area. At recess (or whenever you need an extra break!) have the class find all the hidden hearts on a heart hunt! You can have them write or draw Valentine messages on the hearts they find when the hunt is over.

I have lots of helpful posts to get your prepped for Valentine’s Day in your classroom on the blog! Looking for teacher approved Valentines read alouds? Check them out here! I also have some SUPER cute Valentine student gift ideas with a freebie in this post! I hope these ideas help make your Valentine’s Day stress free and fun! 😊