Back to School Prep: 7 Things to Buy in Summer

back to school prep for teachers

The beginning of the school year is exciting and hectic and EXPENSIVE!  It seems like every day in the weeks leading up to the start of school I am spending money on school supplies, new shoes for my growing boys, random items in the Target Dollar Spot, and things I need to prep my classroom for back to school.

Instead of having all these expenses fall at the same time in August, I decided to make a list of things I can buy NOW to help with the major money suck of the start of school.

School Supplies

School supplies are going on sale earlier and earlier each year. Stores are stocking shelves in July with great $1 and penny deals. Are you always needing AstroBright paper, glue sticks, or eraser caps? Buy those items that you always need replenishing now when they are at the lowest prices.

Organizational Items

Do you need new items for your classroom organization-bookshelf, crates, bins, caddies, tubs, etc.? Don’t wait until school begins to add those to your list. Buy one or two items over the next month. When you can finally get into your classroom again to prep for the new school year, you will already have a head start on getting organized.


Do an inventory of your classroom library. Are there books you need on a certain level? Do you have a good sampling of diverse books? Can you add more fiction/ nonfiction to your collection? Keep an eye out for book deals. Ask friends/ family on social media if they are getting rid of any children’s books.

First Day Items

Do you purchase first day hats, snacks, goodies? Do you use name tags for student desks? Can you buy any of it ahead of time? Do you have to do a “Meet the Teacher” night or “Parent Night?” I have one available in my TPT store.

Student Birthday Gifts

Do you give your students a little surprise on their birthdays? Summer is a great time to buy an extra pack of cute pencils/ erasers or a fun little notebook to give to students on their birthday with a handwritten note.

Class Decor/ Themed-Items

Does your classroom have a theme or certain colors? Add to your classroom decor during the end of summer and back to school sales.

Work Clothes

Spring/ summer clothing items and accessories start going on sale after Independence Day. Now is a great time to shop for some work clothes/ shoes for yourself before school begins. Be on the lookout for those basic pieces that you can add into your wardrobe for this year.

If you are just now tuning in to this series, check out what you missed from week 1 for back to school prep!

summer prep for teachers

Happy shopping!

summer prep for teachers