Storms Unit Freebie!

storms unit freebie

Do you study weather with your class during the spring months? If so, you are in luck! This blog post is all about a FREEBIE from my Storms Unit (who doesn’t love free stuff??). I did a whole post here last year giving you a look into how I teach about storms. I thought it would be fun to give a freebie this year as everyone preps to start their weather studies!

Check out the blog post here to see how I teach about storms.

how to teach about storms

Now on to the freebies! I have included two pages from my storms unit: a Storms Coloring Notes page and a Cookin’ Up a Storm cut-and-paste. The Storms Coloring Notes can be used with any storm movie, book, or text you choose. Perfect to add to existing resources you already use. Cookin’ Up a Storm cut-and-paste asks students to identify “ingredients” of a storm.

storms unit freebie

You can get your free storms worksheets here.

Interested in materials to teach about storms? I also have these storm related products in my TPT store!

Happy teaching! 

storms unit freebie