Spring Favorites for the Elementary Classroom

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the afternoon rainstorms are rolling in. Spring is here and it is most definitely one of my favorite seasons here in Florida when the nights are still cool and the days are perfectly warm. It is also such a fun time to teach in the classroom on a variety of things from butterfly lifecycles to storms and weather. I pulled together my spring favorites for the elementary classroom to share with you today. Use these all season long! 

spring favorites for the elementary classroom

All About Plants

all about plants

Plants are the quintessential science topic of spring! How do they grow? What do they need to survive? What are they made of? If you want a unit that covers IT ALL, then this one is for you!

This plants unit is full of 10 days (over 170 pages!!) of engaging plant activities, worksheets, and centers. It also comes with a completely digital unit as well. The best part is it covers ALL the standards and skills about plants from plant life cycle to parts and function. It really is a one stop shop for anything and everything you need to teach about plants in your classroom! 

Bees Animal Study

bees animal study

Animal life studies are so fun in the spring when many of those animals are able to be seen in the world around you. Honeybees are no exception!

This bee resource is packed full of everything about bees including bee diagrams, life cycle of bees, bee stings, types of bees, pollination, parts of a bee, bee species, bee vocabulary, and more. It even includes a bee research project choice board and QR code for a directed drawing of a bee. My kiddos always loved those as early finisher activities!

Earth Day

earth day

April brings more than showers, it also brings Earth Day on the 22nd! This print and go Earth Day pack includes Earth Day activities for math, reading and writing. It is the perfect companion to your Earth Day lessons and read alouds for 3rd– 4th grade students.

Butterflies Animal Study

butterflies animal study

If you’ve ever taught about butterflies or had them hatch in your classroom you know how much kids LOVE them! I had caterpillars do their magic in my classroom many, many years.

This butterfly resource is 70 pages of life cycle study, diagrams, vocabulary posters, puzzles and more. It includes information on all stages: eggs, larvae, caterpillars and butterflies. Try hatching some butterflies in your classroom this year while you use this unit and you will have some very excited and engaged kids!

I have SO many fun spring resources to share (I cant help it- I love them all!), so I am breaking my post into two parts! You can check out part 2 of my Spring Favorites roundup here. 😊

spring favorites for the elementary classroom