Skeletal System Classroom Unit

skeletal system unit

After many years of searching for fun, kid-friendly classroom activities to teach the skeletal system, I finally put everything I needed together myself. This 10 day unit covers the third grade skeletal system science standards. You can go deep into study, or skim the surface. The activities are fun and engaging, and students love it every year!

Lesson Plans

skeletal system lesson plans

The unit includes 10 days of complete lesson plans. Activities require minimal prep. All materials all included.

Skeletal System Videos

skeletal system videos for kids

Videos are a great way to build background knowledge or reinforce learning in the classroom. This skeletal system QR code poster links students to kid-friendly, informative videos about the skeletal system. A video viewing guide is included to use with any of the videos. The videos can be shown whole group, in learning centers, or as an early finisher activity.

Fact Book

skeletal system fact book for kids

Why do science textbooks not cover the standards or what you need to teach?! That is so frustrating as a teacher, knowing how much is spent on textbooks. I wrote this skeletal system fact book because I couldn’t find the necessary informational text. This fact book covers the skeletal system functions, bones, types of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and bone health. I like to read a page of the book each day and then follow it up with engaging activities on the topic.

Skeletal System Diagrams

If you want your students to learn the bones of the skeleton, these activities are perfect for you. I included a diagrams of the major bones of the skeleton in both poster form and fill-in-the blank versions. A fun “Build a Skeleton” activity is also included. Students love making their own, and it really reinforces identifying bones on a skeleton.

Bones & Joints

After reading from the informational fact book about bones and joints, extend learning with these activities. The ‘types of bones’ foldable is perfect to use after reading about each type. The foldable can be glued into a science notebook. Read about the types of joints and complete a graphic organizer.

Skeletal System Research

Students then have the opportunity to research about the skeletal system. Research about bones and bone health by making an osteoporosis brochure. Use the QR code poster for sources. Allow students to choose a project from the project choice board. It includes nine project options and a grading rubric.

Unit Review

Finally, review what you learned. These coloring notes are a great way for students to visually organize information. They make great study guides too! The set of 32 task cards can be used for review or as a grade at the end of the unit. The task cards and this unit are also available in digital versions. Many extra pages are also included.

Get the entire skeletal system unit here!

Happy teaching!

teaching the skeletal system