Rock Your School Themes and Ideas

If you or your school participates in Rock Your School, then you have probably started searching for some great Rock Your School Themes and activities. “Rock Your School” is a movement started by educators to provide engaging, rigorous, and dynamic lessons that keep your students challenged and wanting more. Each year educators around the world join in. Google “Rock Your School” for this year’s dates.

Rock Your School can be as big or as small as you want. The purpose is to bring excitement and fun into your classroom. So how can you do that? One way is to choose a theme and plan your activities and instruction from there. I have compiled a list of themes below to get you thinking.

Rock Your School Themes

  • rock and roll
  • sports
  • coffee shop
  • beach
  • construction site
  • safari
  • detective
  • space
  • under the sea
  • monsters (think Monsters, Inc. movie set)
  • camping
  • carnival
  • seasonal/ holiday
  • TV shows (Survivor, Amazing Race, etc.)

Rock Your School Activities

Once you have chosen a theme for the day/ week, its time to start planning your activities. Look at your learning standards, what could you tie in to your theme? What engaging/ interactive activities can you plan for around the theme? Take the detective theme for example. Could you set up a series of clues that your students have to solve based on activities they complete throughout the day? Make your activities fun, but also challenging and standards-based. Here are some examples of activities I have made for a Rock Your School theme day.

Activity Examples

One of the hardest parts of having a Rock Your School Day is planning it all out. If you want to celebrate Rock Your School, but simply can’t or don’t want to spend the time getting it all together, then find something already made! There is no shame in that game. Why reinvent the wheel?

I have several theme day units planned that work perfectly during Rock Your School. Each one includes more than enough activities to last an entire day of instruction. Activities for every subject area are included, and all activities are standards-based and engaging.

rock and roll classroom theme day
leprechaun classroom theme day
elf classroom theme day
sports classroom theme day
football classroom theme day
pumpkin classroom theme day
carnival classroom theme day
gingerbread classroom theme day

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I hope you take the Rock Your School event as an opportunity to get back to your teaching “why.” It’s so easy to get lost in all the negatives in the world of education, the paperwork, and the demands. Take the day/ week to have some fun with your students and bring back the joy of learning!