Valentines Day Reading | Valentines Day Social Studies | Valentines Math



Valentine’s Day activities for an entire day of engaging lessons are all planned out for you with this fun product! With activities for Valentines Day reading, Valentines Day social studies, Valentines math and more, your students will be engaged and learning all day long!

Your students will LOVE all the hands-on activities. You will love having meaningful, standards-based activities AND an entire day of instruction planned out for you! This product is perfect to use on Valentine’s Day or the surrounding weeks. Activities are geared toward the third grade classroom, but could work for students in grades 2 or 4 as well.

Although pages were designed to complete in one day, activities could be spread out over a day or week. There are enough activities to keep your students busy beyond one day of instruction!



  • About this product directions/ suggestions for use
  • Skills/ standards list for all activities
  • Teacher prep page
  • Cupid Day ticket- invitations to give your students to get them excited about the big day
  • Activity signs to hang in the classroom
  • Student directions page for each activity


Three different reading activities are included. Can be used as learning centers, whole group, or pick the activity you want students to complete!

  • The History of Valentine’s Day: text, main idea/ detail graphic organizer, and comprehension questions
  • Valentine’s Day: Looking at different perspectives: fictional text, organizational chart, text-based questions
  • Heart Illnesses: Research a heart illness using the included websites. Complete the brochure about the illness.

Social Studies

Travel to 10 famous U.S. landmarks to help Cupid find his missing arrows! Students will read about each landmark using the included fact posters. Then fill in the questions page to receive the PigPen Cypher to figure out the location of the arrows.

  • 10 U.S. landmark fact posters
  • Student questions page
  • Pigpen Cypher
  • Code page to location of Cupid’s arrows


Learn about the human heart and pulse before completing a fun heart rate activity!

  • The Human Heart: Facts poster
  • Pulse text with text-based questions
  • Heart rate activity


  • Making words activity page and letters (perfect for a center activity!)
  • Valentine’s Day letter writing: graphic organizer and writing page


  • Types of sentences (simple, compound, complex): facts poster
  • identifying the types of sentences coloring page
  • writing the types of sentences activity


Four math activities are included. Can be used in learning centers, with the whole group, or to differentiate instruction.

  • Sweet Treats Bakery: Use measurement skills, area/ perimeter, and arrays to help baker Jen organizer her sweet treat boxes for customers.
  • Cupid’s word problems: Solve 2-step word problems using the four operations with this set of 12 task cards. Recording page included.
  • Time for Love: Telling time and elapsed time board game.
  • Valentine coloring: Addition and subtraction valentine coloring pages. Includes two versions for differentiation.


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