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Are you teaching about the types of storms, but having trouble finding kid-friendly, engaging text, and weather activities? This comprehensive resource covers types of storms, thunderstorms, windstorms, dust storms, tornadoes, winter storm, blizzards, ice storms, cyclones, and hurricanes. Both a print and interactive digital version made for Google slides is included.

How to use in the classroom: The 8-page fact book covers a storm on each page. Read the text, watch one of the included videos, complete the vocabulary foldable, answer the storms questions page, and write about the storm with the included writing pages.

Digital Version: Everything you need for an engaging, interactive digital study is included. This unit was designed in a way for students to guide themselves through learning, making it easy for the teacher. The unit has been made for use with Google Slides.



  • Storms vocabulary posters: 15 color posters including pictures and definitions
  • Storms QR code video links poster: poster includes links to 8 kid friendly storm videos. Simply scan the poster with a device to pull up videos.
  • Video Listening Guide: Graphic organizer video listening guide to complete while watching any or all storm videos.
  • Storms “are, can, have” brainstorming chart
  • Types of storms fact book: 8 pages include informational text on storms, thunderstorm, windstorm, tornado, winter storm, ice storm, cyclone, & hurricane
  • storms vocabulary foldables: 3 vocabulary foldables with 5 words each. Can be used with interactive science notebooks.
  • “Cookin’ Up a Storm” cut and paste activity page about what makes a storm
  • Explanatory writing: prompt, graphic organizer, and writing page
  • “Inside a _________” storm: writing graphic organizer and writing page
  • Storms question pages one for each type of storm
  • Storms cause and effect graphic organizers (3 different pages)
  • “What storm am I?“: cut and paste activity page
  • “What’s in a Name?”: Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons informational text and

questions page

  • Tornadoes informational text and questions page
  • Coloring Notes: directions page, Storms coloring notes, thunderstorms coloring notes, tornadoes coloring notes, hurricanes coloring notes, winter storm coloring notes
  • Storms project: Choice Board project ideas and grading rubric


What teachers like you are saying…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Barb A. said, “My students loved learning about storms This packet was filled with informative information and worksheets that were easy to understand. Definitely worth the buy if you are going to learn weather.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Colby M. said, “This was such a great addition to our weather unit! I loved that there were so many video links included that I was able to use with this resource. The activities were fun and engaging, and I could tell from the engagement of my students that they enjoyed this, too.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Miss Bri said, “I used this resource to complete our Weather Unit in a hybrid setting. I was able to sort activities into distance (at home) learning and in person learning without difficulty. It worked wonderfully in both settings!”


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