Sports Themed Activities | End of Year Theme Day | Olympic Athletes



Sports activities for an entire day of engaging lessons are all planned out for you with this fun product! Sports activities for reading, writing, language, social studies, science, and math are all included!

Your students will LOVE all the hands-on activities and the now included digital version. You will love having meaningful, standards-based activities AND an entire day of instruction planned out for you! This product is perfect to use at the end of the school year, in conjunction with major sporting events, as part of your “Rock Your School Day” celebration, or anytime you want to add some sports fun into your classroom!

Although pages were designed to complete in one day, activities could be spread out over a day or week. There are enough activities to keep your students busy beyond one day of instruction.


  • About this product directions/ suggestions for use
  • Teacher directions for each subject. Includes standards, materials, and how to
  • Sports Day invitations for your students
  • Google link to digital version of all activities


  • Famous Olympian research. Learn about some of the world’s best athletes! Complete the graphic organizer, write a summary, and create a sequencing cartoon. Teacher direction page included.
  • Learn about Muscle Memory and how athletes are able to improve their skills over time. Text and text-based questions included.


  • Using context clues
  • verb tense
  • prefixes & suffixes
  • punctuating dialogue


  • “Roll & Write” a Story-narrative writing prompts and writing page
  • Write a biography about a famous Olympian


  • Area: find the area of various sports arenas using the task cards & recording page
  • Measurement & data: take part in the long jump and 100m Dash. Measure and graph your results.
  • Compare Decimals: Use the cards with gymnastics scores to compare decimals to the hundredth.
  • Add & Subtract Decimals: add and subtract decimals using mens and women’s hurdle records
  • Extra math pages include subtraction, complete the number sentence, 2-step word problems


  • Heart rate & exercise: Read about Pulse and complete a fun heart rate activity.
  • High Dive Experiment: How does weight impact an object’s splash off of a diving board?

Social Studies

  • History of Sports: read and answer questions using a timeline
  • Latitude & Longitude: Find the locations of Olympic Games around the world using latitude and longitude coordinates.


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