Skeletal System BOOM™ Cards | Human Body Systems



Review what you know about the skeletal system with fun BOOM™ cards! This deck covers skeletal system functions, parts of the skeletal system, bone facts, types of bones, and skeletal system vocabulary.

BOOM™ cards are self-checking task cards that provide immediate student feedback. BOOM cards can be used on interactive white boards, desktops, chrome books, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, and more! BOOM card are perfect for center work, students needing extra practice (RTI groups), students who need more advanced work, or simply to work on whole group with an interactive board.

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  • 31 Boom™ cards to review the skeletal system
  • Directions on how to access/ use your new BOOM deck


Boom cards must be used with the Internet. They can be played on recent browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) or with the app (available for iPad, Android, iPhone, Kindle Fire). You can assign Boom cards for free using the “Fast Pins” option. For more options, you can sign up for a premium Boom Learning account.


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