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Take your students on a virtual trip to the Sahara Desert! Read all about the Sahara Desert, watch video clips, learn about the plants and animals that call the desert home, and even plan a trip for your family vacation!

Informational texts also practice common core reading skills like answering text-dependent comprehension questions, using context clues, using text features, reading text for a purpose, and summarizing.

Trip planning pages practice valuable real-world math skills like budgeting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Students will love learning about this famous World Wonder!

You will love that the included pages are PRINT AND GO! Also includes an interactive digital version made for use with Google slides. So easy to use in the classroom!



  • link to digital version
  • directions on how to assign in Google classroom
  • Sahara Desert KWL graphic organizer
  • Sahara Desert Video Poster (QR code & website list)
  • Video viewing guide
  • Sahara Desert informational text
  • Sahara Desert main ideas and details graphic organizer
  • Sahara Desert comprehension questions and answer key
  • Sahara Desert context clues graphic organizer
  • All about the Sahara graphic organizer
  • Writing a summary graphic organizer and writing paper
  • People of the Sahara informational text
  • People of the Sahara comprehension questions
  • Sahara Desert Plants informational text
  • Sahara Desert Plants context clues graphic organizer
  • Sahara Desert Plants comprehension questions
  • Sahara Desert Animals informational text
  • Sahara Desert Animals comprehension questions
  • Sahara Desert Animals context clues graphic organizer
  • Plants and Animals Adaptations Gallery Walk activity
  • Let’s Travel to the Sahara Desert-trip planning page
  • All About the Sahara acrostic writing page


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