Rock & Roll Activities | Rock Your School Day | End of Year Themed Day



Rock & Roll activities for an entire day of engaging lessons are all planned out for you with this fun product! Students will take a 10 city tour through the U.S. completing activities for reading, writing, language, social studies, science, and math along the way.

Your students will LOVE all the hands-on activities. You will love having meaningful, standards-based activities AND an entire day of instruction planned out for you! This product is perfect to use at the end of the school year, in conjunction with Rock Your School Day, for a class reward or party, or anytime you want to add some rock and roll fun into your classroom! Activities are geared toward the third grade classroom, but could work for students in grades 2 or 4 as well.

Although pages were designed to complete in one day, activities could be spread out over a day or week. There are enough activities to keep your students busy beyond one day of instruction!


  • About this product directions/ suggestions for use
  • Skills/ standards list for all activities
  • Student directions page for how to complete activities throughout the day.
  • Rock Out Day ticket- invitations to give your students to get them excited about the big day
  • Tour Pass checkpoint for students to punch as they move through activities
  • Tour Stop signs to hang in the classroom
  • Student directions page for activities at each tour stop

Tour Stop 1

  • Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources text
  • Energy coloring notes
  • renewable/ nonrenewable picture cards to sort
  • Research a nonrenewable resource page

Tour Stop 2

  • Function Machine cards (number patterns)
  • Addition & multiplication number pattern practice pages

Tour Stop 3

  • Prefix board game with question cards and answer key
  • Words with prefixes/ suffixes puzzle cards matching activity
  • prefix word search

Tour Stop 4

  • Famous musician research task cards
  • graphic organizer
  • writing page

Tour Stop 5

  • multiplication and division word problems task cards (optional Boom deck also included)
  • multiplication number sentences search
  • addition number sentence search
  • 2-digit by 2-digit addition and subtraction coloring page

Tour Stop 6

  • Goods and Services (Economics) text
  • goods and services coloring notes page
  • good or service practice page
  • goods and services school scavenger hunt

Tour Stop 7

  • Roll & Write a narrative story poster
  • roll & write a story writing page

Tour Stop 8

  • “What causes sound?” hands on activity page
  • “How does sound travel? hands on activity page
  • “Sound through mediums” hands on activity page

Tour Stop 9

  • sentence writing task cards set
  • sentence writing activity pages

Tour Stop 10

  • map skills board game
  • color the continents map
  • cardinal & intermediate directions go fish game

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