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Your students will love learning about penguins with this engaging, interactive packet. You will love the ease of prep and the variety of skills covered. Teacher directions for each activity are included as well as answer keys. This resource includes everything you need to begin a study of penguins immediately! INCLUDES BOTH PRINT AND DIGITAL FORMATS.


  • Penguins brainstorming: penguins “can, have, are” brainstorming chart
  • Vocabulary Posters: 16 color vocabulary posters. Includes words life cycle, plumage, camouflage, blubber, carnivore, habitat, species, adaptation, rookery, incubate, brood pouch, flippers, bill, toboggan, fledgling, crest,
  • Birds poster: characteristics of birds poster
  • Where Penguins Live: interactive map with penguin locations. Click on the link to learn more about penguin species in that area.
  • Penguin diagram: parts of a penguin poster, click and drag activity, and fill in the blank diagram
  • Penguin Life Cycle Poster: color poster of a penguin’s life cycle
  • Penguin Videos: 6 video slides included. Click video to watch it, then circle important words. Write 3 things you learned about each video.
  • Informational Slides: Slides include penguin facts, what penguins eat, penguin habitat, penguin species, penguin adaptations, penguin life cycle. Each slide includes 2 comprehension questions.
  • Penguin vocabulary: 10 interactive vocabulary slides are linked to the definition, a picture, and read more slides
  • Vocabulary Sentence Writing: Write factual sentences about penguins using the given words.
  • Penguin Research: Research a penguin species. Includes teacher directions, graphic organizer, and summary page
  • Life Cycle of a Penguin: diagram and text about the life cycle of a penguin. Fill in the life cycle diagram.
  • Life Cycle Sequencing: sequencing click and drag activity page
  • Parts of a Penguin: parts of a penguin diagram and text, text-based questions. Interactive diagram of penguin parts
  • Penguin Project: Teacher notes, project choice board with 9 penguin research project ideas, and grading rubric


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