Owls | Nocturnal Animals | Life Cycle of a Bird



Your students will love learning about owls with this engaging, interactive packet. You will love the ease of prep and the variety of skills covered. This resource includes everything you need for a study about owl!


  • Owls brainstorming: owls “can, have, are” brainstorming chart
  • Vocabulary Posters: 17 color vocabulary posters. Includes words life cycle, life span, nocturnal, birds of prey, raptor, insectivore, predator, prey, adaptations, habitat, roost, talon, fledge, carnivore, barn owls, true owls, species
  • Birds poster: characteristics of birds poster
  • Owl diagram: parts of a true owl poster
  • Owl Videos: Teacher direction page, two video posters (QR code & website links), video viewing guide to use with any video
  • Fact Book: Informational tab book. Pages include owl facts, what owls eat, owl habitat, owl species, owl adaptations, owl life cycle
  • Owl vocabulary: two vocabulary graphic organizers to go along with vocabulary words
  • Owl Research: Research an owl species. Includes teacher directions, graphic organizer, summary page, and drawing page
  • Why do Owls Hoot: informative text and comprehension questions.
  • Life Cycle of a Barn Owl: diagram and text about the life cycle of a barn owl
  • Life Cycle Wheel: Make a life cycle wheel using information about the life cycle of a owl diagram/ text
  • Owl Puzzle: Use the code to solve the puzzle about interesting owl facts.
  • Owl Coloring notes: coloring notes are graphic organizers meet coloring pages.
  • Owls Project: Teacher notes, project choice board with 9 owl research project ideas, and grading rubric
  • Owl Directed Drawing: a directed drawing page with QR code


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