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Make learning about Earth’s natural resources engaging with this planned out, easy to use hands-on unit! This unit includes 10 days of lesson plans, natural resources worksheets, fact book, and activities perfect for exploring living & nonliving resources, renewable & nonrenewable resources, and energy sources. Both a print and interactive digital version made for Google slides are included.

A kid-friendly fact book includes all reading material in one easy to use place. Activities require little to no prep and minimal supplies while still being engaging and meaningful. Everything has been laid out for you and explained in the lesson plans, making it a unit that you could even leave for a sub to complete!


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Lessons cover:

  • natural resources
  • living & nonliving resources
  • renewable resources
  • nonrenewable resources
  • using natural resources
  • protecting natural resources
  • types of energy

Digital Version:

Everything you need for an engaging, interactive digital unit is included. Lessons have been divided into units, making it easy to assign and complete activities based on objectives. This unit was designed in a way for students to guide themselves through learning, making it easy for the teacher. The unit has been made for use with Google Slides and Google forms (included end of unit quiz.)



  • Link to digital version made for Google slides
  • Teacher directions for use with Google slides
  • 10 days of lesson plans
  • Videos: Natural Resources video links & QR code posters. Also includes a video viewing guide.
  • Fact book: 8-page informational mini-book about natural resources. Includes what are natural resources, living & nonliving resources, renewable & nonrenewable resources, using & protecting natural resources, and types of energy. Could be glued into a science notebook.
  • Vocabulary posters: 11 color vocabulary posters to use in the classroom. Posters include both words and definitions. They make a great word wall or bulletin board.
  • Vocabulary Foldables: 2 vocabulary foldables for learning new vocabulary are included. Glue into science notebooks to keep new words together. Perfect for referring back to throughout the unit.
  • Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources Sort: Sort picture cards as renewable or nonrenewable.
  • Living & Nonliving Resources Cut & Paste: Sort resources as living or nonliving with these picture cards.
  • Natural or Manmade?: Students will examine if resources are naturally occurring or man-made with this engaging worksheet.
  • Helpful or Harmful? Students will read situations to determine if it is helpful or harmful to the environment.
  • Cause/ Effect: Examine the cause and effect of humans and the environment on natural resources. Includes both graphic organizers and sorting cards.
  • Graphing: Poll your classmates to gather data about natural resource topics. Tally results and create a graph. Three pages included.
  • Opinion Writing: Includes writing prompt, graphic organizer, and writing page.
  • Coloring Notes: Think coloring pages meet graphic organizers! Students LOVE these pages to organize learned information.
  • Puzzle Cards: Practice new vocabulary with fun puzzle cards. Use cards in a learning center activity.
  • Drawing Prompts: Prompt students’ thinking about natural resources with these drawing prompts. Three included.
  • Task Cards: 32 task cards to review what you have learned about natural resources.
  • Project Choice Board: Students choose one of the 9 squares to complete a research project.



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dina W. said, “My students found this resource engaging. It was much better than what I had for this topic! They were interested during the lessons and asked many questions to learn more about the topics. I will definitely use this resource for science again!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ashley T. said, “I loved this unit. It was laid our extremely well and followed a great flow. It was full of resources to help my students understand and learn about natural resources. Thank you!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Danielle S. said, “I was searching for a high-quality, informational, and engaging lesson to teach during Earth Day. This was perfect! I liked how many activities were included and how there was so much teachable information. I am definitely going to be using this each year!”


Teaching about Human Impact on the Environment too? SAVE MONEY and buy the bundle!

Humans and the Environment & Natural Resources BUNDLE


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