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Are you teaching the muscular system or muscles but having trouble finding kid-friendly, engaging text, activities, and diagrams? This complete 10 day unit includes everything you need to teach your upper elementary students about the muscular system and types of muscles. Both a print and interactive digital version made for Google slides are included.

Lessons cover functions of the muscular system, voluntary and involuntary muscles, major muscles of the body, 3 types of muscles, how muscles work, muscle memory, and muscular health. Students will love the fun, engaging activities provided. You will love that activities are low-prep and completely planned out for you!

What does a lesson look like? Daily lessons include an objective, learning through videos and/ or the included informational fact book, hands-on activities, and daily exit slip to assess student understanding.

Digital Version:

Everything you need for an engaging, interactive digital unit is included. Lessons have been divided into units, making it easy to assign and complete activities based on objectives. This unit was designed in a way for students to guide themselves through learning, making it easy for the teacher. The unit has been made for use with Google Slides and Google forms (included end of unit quiz.)



  • Link to digital version made for Google slides
  • 10 days of lesson plans: lesson plans and needed resources are included for easy implementation
  • 10 color Muscular System vocabulary posters: Includes words muscular system, muscles, involuntary muscles, voluntary muscles, skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, core muscles, posture, muscle memory
  • Muscular System Videos: 2 posters included with links to muscular system videos (one with QR codes and one with website links)
  • Video viewing guide: Fill out this viewing guide graphic organizer while watching any of the skeletal system videos
  • Muscular System fact book: 6 pages of text including the following topics- muscular system, muscles, major muscles, types of muscles, how muscles work, exercising muscles
  • vocabulary foldable: vocabulary foldable for vocabulary words. Foldable can be glued into a science notebook or stapled to keep in a folder.
  • Types of Muscles Foldable: Create a foldable about the three types of muscles.
  • Muscle Memory: Learn about muscle memory with activities, text, and questions.
  • Major muscles of the body diagram: diagrams of the major major muscles of the body are included in both black/ white versions. Colored versions make great posters. Some versions are fill-in-the-blank for practice.
  • Daily exit slips: Exit slips are included for 8 days of the unit to review what was learned.
  • Voluntary and Involuntary Muscle Sort: Sort muscle cards as voluntary or involuntary
  • Healthy Muscular System: Cut and paste activity about making healthy choices for your body
  • Muscular System Facts Puzzle: Answer interesting facts about the muscular system using the code.
  • Muscular system word search: Search for muscular system vocabulary. Perfect for early finisher activity.
  • Explanatory Writing: Muscular system functions explanatory writing prompt, graphic organizer, and writing page
  • Sentence Writing: Use the two vocabulary words to write a factual sentence about the muscular system.
  • Explanatory Writing: Write about the functions of the muscular system with this prompt, graphic organizer, and writing page
  • Opinion Writing: Muscular system opinion writing prompt, graphic organizer, and writing page
  • Muscular system fact and opinion: Cut-and-paste muscular system facts and opinions onto the fact and opinion chart.
  • Task Cards: 32 Task Cards to review the muscular system and recording page
  • Coloring Notes: Muscular System functions, muscles, and muscular system coloring notes pages (graphic organizers meet coloring pages) Filled in and blank versions available
  • Muscular System Illnesses Research: Research muscular system illnesses using the QR code poster and fill in the brochure
  • Muscular system project: Skeletal system project choice board and rubric (great as a culminating assessment of the unit)


What teachers like you are saying…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Niki said, “This was the first package I bought from this seller; and I loved it so much I bought all the other body systems! Very informative and in depth, and even included things for those who finished early to do- which we all know is amazing!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Leanne said, “I just love all these body system lessons that you’ve put together! Your creative doodle notes are a great fun and visually appealing way to review and study off of and sum all the concepts taught/learned. Thanks so much for putting this together. :)”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tiffany said, “This resource has everything from differentiated notes, foldables, anchor charts, and much more! It even has a writing connection! My students were so engaged that they retained the majority of the muscular system information! Great resource for sure!”


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