Multiplying by Multiples | 3.NBT.3 | 3rd Grade Math | Multiplication Coloring



Looking for no-prep and engaging multiplying by multiples practice for your students? This packet of camping-themed worksheets, quick checks, and assessment is just what you were looking for! Want digital practice? Digital versions of all pages is also included!

With 15 different multiplying multiples practice worksheets, you will have no trouble finding fun worksheets to use for multiplication practice in your classroom. Use the 3 included quick checks throughout your study to check for understanding. Give the final included assessment at the end of your unit.



  • Link to digital version of worksheets made for use with Google slides
  • Link to digital quick checks & assessment Google forms
  • Base Ten Practice Worksheets: Includes 3 different worksheets to practice solving multiplication problems with multiples while using base ten blocks for support.
  • Multiplying multiples using facts worksheets: Includes 3 multiplying multiples worksheets using the basic multiplication facts.
  • Solve the Riddle Worksheets: Includes 5 different riddle worksheets to practice subtraction
  • Cut-&-Paste Worksheets: Includes 3 different cut-&-paste multiplying multiples worksheets. Cut and paste the problem onto the correct answer.
  • Multiplying Multiples Color Code Worksheets: Includes 5 different multiplying color code worksheets.
  • Quick Checks: Includes 3 different multiplying multiples of 10 quick checks. Use these as exit slips to check for understanding throughout your unit. (Digital Google Forms versions also included.)
  • Assessment: Use the included assessment for students to show what they learned. (Digital Google forms version also included.)


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