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Take you students on a virtual trip to Mount Everest! Read all about Mount Everest, watch video clips, learn about the plants and animals that call the mountain home, sherpas, and explore the history of the mountain.

Informational texts also practice important reading skills like answering text-dependent comprehension questions, using context clues, using text features, reading text for a purpose, main idea/ detail, and summarizing.



  • link to digital version made for use with Google slides
  • directions for using in Google classroom
  • Mount Everest video links poster
  • video viewing guide
  • Mount Everest KWL brainstorming chart
  • Mount Everest informational reading passage with text features
  • Mount Everest text-based comprehension questions
  • Mount Everest vocabulary context clues graphic organizer
  • Mount Everest graphic organizer
  • opinion writing prompt, graphic organizer, and writing paper
  • Sherpas informational reading passage
  • Sherpa brainstorming chart
  • Sherpas context clues graphic organizer
  • Sherpas open-ended questions page
  • Snow leopards informational passage
  • Snow leopards brainstorming chart
  • Snow leopards context clues graphic organizer
  • Snow leopards main idea and details graphic organizer
  • Himalayan yak informational reading passage
  • Himalayan yak brainstorming chart
  • Himalayan yak context clues graphic organizer
  • Himalayan yak main idea and details graphic organizer
  • Compare and contrast graphic organizer: snow leopards v. Himalayan yak
  • Plants on Mount Everest informational passage
  • Plants on Mount Everest context clues graphic organizer
  • Writing a summary: graphic organizer and writing pages
  • History of Mount Everest timeline and questions page
  • Mount Everest acrostic poem
  • Climbing Mount Everest interesting facts page with questions
  • Everest climbers biography research-graphic organizer and writing page
  • Mount Everest coloring notes page


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