Mass and Volume 3rd Grade | 3.MD.2 | Measuring Mass




Looking for practice activities to help your students understand measuring mass and volume? These meaningful, no to low prep activities will keep your students engaged and learning.

Product includes practice pages, task cards, coloring notes, and a made for Google slides interactive digital version. This product was made to align with common core standard 3.MD.2, but can be used practice mass and volume at any level.


Product includes:


  • Measuring mass-coloring notes page
  • Gram or Kilogram practice page
  • “Going on a Gram hunt!” practice page
  • “What do I weigh?” cut and paste practice page
  • Estimating weight practice page


  • Measuring volume-coloring notes page
  • Milliliter or Liter practice page
  • “Going on a Liter Hunt!” practice page
  • “What is my volume?” cut and paste practice page
  • Estimating capacity practice page

Mass and Volume Practice

  • Word problems with mass and volume
  • 20 color task cards and recording page

Digital Version

  • Includes all activities from the print version as a digital version


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All rights reserved by author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.


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