Map Skills Activities | Cardinal Directions Posters



Teach, practice, and reinforce important map skills vocabulary using this great supplemental resource! Over 40 color vocabulary posters, vocabulary practice task cards (QR code version and recording page version), and vocabulary puzzle cards. Center folder covers, teacher directions, and student directions included.

Product includes the following:

  • OVER 40 FULL COLOR VOCABULARY POSTERS FOR USE IN THE CLASSROOM. Terms include Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, symbol, scale, legend, ocean, continent, key, cartographer, map, globe, North Pole, South Pole, axis, latitude, longitude, coordinates, directions, north, south, east, west, northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, cardinal directions, intermediate directions, compass rose, northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, western hemisphere, eastern hemisphere, equator, Prime Meridian, political map, physical map, thematic map, GPS mapping, satellite)
  • TASK CARDS FOR PRACTICING VOCABULARY. 40 task cards are included in a self-checking QR code version (use with a QR scanning code app) and a recording page version.
  • VOCABULARY PUZZLE CARDS. Vocabulary puzzle cards are included to practice and reinforce vocabulary words.
  • CENTER PREP INCLUDED. Map skills center covers, teacher prep directions, and student directions pages included.


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