Landforms Activities | Famous Sites Around the World



Visit famous sites around the world with these engaging landforms activities! These landform worksheets and interactive digital activities take students on an adventure to visit 18 of the world’s most famous landforms!

Landforms included are Mount Everest, Grand Canyon, Florida Keys, PukaPuka, Hubbard Glacier, Gulf of Mexico, Iwo To, Mount St. Helens, Nile River, Gobi Desert, Angel Falls, Sahara Desert, Dead Sea, Victoria Falls, Great Plains, Death Valley, Mississippi River, and Mammoth Cave.


  • suggestions for use page for teacher
  • Digital version of all pages made for use with Google slides
  • Directions for use with Google slides
  • one page informational reading passage for each landform (18 total). Each page includes a picture, map, fast facts box, and informational text.
  • comprehension questions and answer keys to correspond to each reading passage
  • “What’s that Word?” context clues page (one for each passage)
  • “All About…” graphic organizer for each landform
  • Summary graphic organizer for each landform
  • Writing page for each landform

Many possibilities for use in the classroom! Whole group instruction, small group close reading, reading center work, partner reading, or early finisher activity. Give students interesting, nonfiction texts to practice reading, writing, and social studies skills.


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