Human Impact on the Environment | Pollution Activities | Environmental Changes




Make learning about pollution and how humans impact the environment engaging with this planned out, easy to use hands-on unit! This unit includes 10 days of lesson plans and activities perfect for exploring water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, natural resources, and human impact on the environment. Both a print and interactive digital version made for Google slides are included.

A kid-friendly fact book includes all reading material in one easy to use place. Activities require little to no prep and minimal supplies while still being engaging and meaningful. Everything has been laid out for you and explained in the lesson plans, making it a unit that you could even leave for a sub to complete!

Lessons cover:

  • how humans impact the environment (both positively & negatively)
  • pollution (land, water, air)
  • trees & reforestation
  • renewable & nonrenewable resources
  • environmental technologies

Digital Version:

Everything you need for an engaging, interactive digital unit is included. Lessons have been divided into units, making it easy to assign and complete activities based on objectives. This unit was designed in a way for students to guide themselves through learning, making it easy for the teacher. The unit has been made for use with Google Slides



  • 10 days of lesson plans
  • Link to digital version made for Google slides (including teacher directions)
  • Fact book: 8-page informational mini-book about humans and the environment. Includes both a color and black/ white version. Could be glued into a science notebook.
  • Vocabulary posters: 15 color vocabulary posters to use in the classroom. Posters include both words and definitions. They make a great word wall or bulletin board.
  • Vocabulary Foldables: 3 vocabulary foldables for learning new vocabulary are included. Glue into science notebooks to keep new words together. Perfect for referring back to throughout the unit.
  • Pollution Activities: Includes pollution cause and effect graphic organizers, drawing prompt, and coloring notes.
  • Positive or Negative Impact?: Students will cut and paste positive or negative environmental effects with this fun activity.
  • Air Pollution: Learn about the effects of air pollution with a meaningful air quality simulation. A fun coloring notes page is also included.
  • Land Pollution: Learn about land pollution through various activities including coloring notes and a fun writing activity.
  • Water Pollution: Conduct an experiment about water pollution, examine a “water sample” using M&M candies, and graph your results. A coloring notes page about water pollution is also included.
  • Environmental Challenges: Have your students work together to try and come up with solutions to current environmental challenges that we face in the world today.
  • Task Cards: Review what you have learned throughout the unit with this set of 32 task cards. Have students complete cards with a partner, as a learning center activity, play as a class SCOOT game, or completed independently. Cards could also be used as an assessment.
  • Project Choice Board: Extend student learning even further with 9 engaging project ideas! Students can choose what they want to learn more about. Rubric included for easy grading.
  • answer keys



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jennifer D. said, “This is such an engaging and comprehensive resource! We spend A LOT of time discussing environmental impact, and this resource is the absolute best! THANK YOU!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SpEd Ventures said, “Excellent resource! This provided a wonderful basis for my environment unit. I loved the vocabulary and nonfiction passages, and my students loved the experiments! I will be using this resource again and again.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stephanie B. said, “I was finding it hard to find ways to effectively use hands-on lessons to teach this topic. This unit is wonderful! The hands on lessons are fantastic yet impactful to the students.”


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