Hanukkah, Christmas, Pearl Harbor: December-themed common core




December math and reading comprehension worksheets are print and go ready for the entire month with this easy to use resource! Pages cover Christmas Day, Saint Nicholas, Hanukkah, and Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. The 50+ pages included practice third grade math and ELA skills. This was designed for use in the third grade classroom, but many of the resources would be useful for other grade levels as well. Just print and go!

Ideas for using these worksheets…

☑️ morning work

☑️ time-fillers

☑️ early finisher activities

☑️ leave for a substitute

☑️ math/ ELA learning centers

☑️ whole group instruction



Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

  • “Remember Pearl Harbor” making words activity page
  • “National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day” informational reading passage
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day context clues graphic organizer
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day main idea/ details graphic organizer
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day cause and effect graphic organizer
  • “The Attack on Pearl Harbor” timeline
  • timeline comprehension questions and answer key
  • “The Attack on Pearl Harbor” sequencing activity


  • “Happy Hanukkah” making words activity page
  • Hanukkah multiplication coloring page
  • “Hanukkah” informational reading passage
  • Hanukkah sentence writing
  • Hanukkah vocabulary foldable
  • Hanukkah acrostic poem
  • Hanukkah coloring notes page
  • “History of Hanukkah” comic strip activity page


  • Christmas informational reading passage
  • Christmas context clues graphic organizer
  • “My Christmas Holiday” descriptive writing organizer and writing page
  • drawing time on a clock practice page
  • partitioning shapes practice page
  • equivalent fractions practice page
  • Elapsed time on a number line practice page
  • creating a bar graph activity page
  • analyzing data questions page
  • multiplication/ addition sentence match up page
  • division sentences cut and paste
  • word problems practice page
  • rounding coloring page
  • three-digit addition/ subtraction coloring page
  • fractions on a number line practice page
  • gram and kilogram practice page
  • division facts search
  • area and perimeter practice page
  • Merry Christmas making words activity page
  • Christmas acrostic poem
  • capitalization practice page
  • December sentence writing page
  • nouns, verbs, adjectives cut and paste
  • synonyms and antonyms coloring page
  • plurals coloring page
  • Roll and Write a story: narrative writing
  • Opinion writing prompt, graphic organizer, writing page

Saint Nicholas

  • “The Story of Saint Nicholas” informational text
  • St. Nicholas main idea/ detail graphic organizer
  • St. Nicholas fact and opinion cut and paste
  • St. Nicholas context clues graphic organizer
  • St. Nicholas character traits


What teachers like you are saying…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stephanie D. said, “My students love learning about the different holidays and using the essential skills for 3rd grade. So great for introduction, review, or leaving for a sub.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ashley C. said, “I just love these monthly packs! Great way to review/reinforce important 3rd grade standards!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carrie D. said, “Great way to have holiday fun while still keeping up with instruction. Great for subs.”



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