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Football activities for an entire day of engaging lessons are all planned out for you with this fun product! Football activities for reading, writing, language, social studies, science, and math are all included. Your students will LOVE all the hands-on activities. You will love having meaningful, standards-based activities AND an entire day of instruction planned out for you! This product is perfect to use around the Super Bowl, during football season, or anytime you want to add some football fun into your classroom.

Although pages were designed to complete in one day, activities could be spread out over a day or week. There are enough activities to keep your students busy beyond one day of instruction.


  • About this product directions/ suggestions for use
  • Teacher directions for each subject. Includes standards, materials, and how to
  • Football Day invitations for your students


  • “The Dangers of Football”-informational text & comprehension questions about common football injuries


  • context clues practice with football vocabulary-cut & paste


  • “Should Kids play Football?”-read articles to form an opinion, complete graphic organizer, and write an opinion piece
  • “Roll & Write” a Story-narrative writing prompts and writing page
  • Football Acrostic writing


  • Football Party Food Planning-Food list and 2 different activities included
  • Football Stadium-Gathering Data and answering questions
  • Two-step word problem task cards and recording page
  • Division problem search


  • Paper Football experiment-includes directions for making a paper football, ways to flick a football, experiment directions with 3 trials to complete, and informational text about weight, force, and a paper football

Social Studies

  • latitude and longitude task cards-locate stadiums in the U.S. using coordinates


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