Fire Safety Day | Fire Prevention Week Activities



Get ready for Fire Safety Day and Fire Prevention Week with these fun and engaging fire-themed activities! Use during Fire Prevention week, on Fire Safety Day, as an addition to your fire unit, or in conjunction with fire safety lessons!

Product includes informational text about fire, house fires, and fire safety. Reading, language, writing, and math skill pages are perfect to use as morning work or center activities during Fire Prevention Week. PRODUCT INCLUDED BOTH A PRINT AND MADE FOR GOOGLE SLIDES DIGITAL VERSION.


Fires/ Fire Safety pages:

  • Fires Brainstorming chart: Complete the fires “are, can, have” brainstorming chart at the beginning of the unit to assess background knowledge
  • Fire Videos Poster: 2 poster versions included (QR codes and website links) and viewing guide that can be used with any of the videos
  • Fire Safety Tips Posters: 9 color fire safety tips posters for hanging in the classroom & 1 black/ white version for students
  • House Fires: Read about house fires and safety tips in this informational passage
  • House fires text-based questions: Answer questions about house fires using the text
  • Causes of House Fires: Examine the causes of house fires on a pie chart. Use the chart to answer questions.
  • Explanatory Writing: House Fires explanatory writing prompt/ graphic organizer/ writing page
  • Fire Safety Drawing: Draw a house and include/ identify important safety tips
  • Fires informational text: “What is Fire?” informational reading passage explains the elements of fire, what makes fires dangerous, and wildfires
  • Main idea/ Details graphic organizer: Understand the text better by identifying the main idea/ details of the Fires informational reading passage
  • Context Clues graphic organizer: Use context clues in the text to better understand new word in the Fires informational reading passage.
  • Fire Safety Day: Read about the history behind Fire Safety Day and Fire Prevention Week in this informational passage
  • Cause/ Effect graphic organizer: Use this organizer with the Fire Safety Day passage to better understand the text.
  • Fire Safety Cloze Reading: Use the word bank to fill in the blanks of this reading passage about fire safety..
  • Fact and Opinion: Fact and opinion cut-and-paste activity about fire safety.
  • Fire Graphic Organizer: Two graphic organizers included about fires (one with labels, one without).
  • Fire Research: Choose a “I wonder..” question, research it, and write a paragraph about your findings.
  • Fires Coloring Notes: Coloring notes are graphic organizers meet coloring pages. Record what you have learned throughout your unit. Students LOVE these!

Fire-themed skill pages

(These activities are great for morning work and learning centers)

  • Parts of Speech sort: Cut and paste fire-related words as nouns, verbs, & adjectives
  • Rounding to the nearest 10: Use the number line to help round to tens
  • Making Words Activity: Use the letters in the phrase “Fire Prevention Week” to make as many words as you can.
  • Synonyms/ Antonyms: Identify synonyms and antonyms with this fun coloring page
  • Multiplication arrays: Use the array of objects to write an addition sentence and a multiplication sentence
  • Addition and Subtraction: Color the answers of 2-digit by 2-digit addition and subtraction problems.
  • Roll and Write a Story: Use the poster and a die to roll and write a narrative story about fires.
  • Super Sentences: Take simple sentences and make them super sentences with this set of 8 task cards.


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