Constitution Day Activities | Preamble | U.S. Constitution



Looking for Constitution Day activities like kid-friendly texts and skill pages to use while teaching about the Preamble or U.S. Constitution? This resource provides days of Constitution learning that can be used whole group, for small group teaching, reading center independent work, early finisher extended learning, with a substitute, etc.

These engaging pages are print-and-go ready, making it super easy to use in your classroom. Includes information about Constitution Day, The U.S. Constitution, The Preamble, and the The Framers to the Constitution. Includes a digital version made for Google slides.



  • Constitution Videos Posters: Two posters (QR codes & website links) and a video viewing guide to use with any of the videos
  • The Preamble: informational text explains the Preamble in kid terms. Coloring text-based questions page to accompany text.
  • Making Words Activity: Use the word “Constitution” to make other words. Great activity for early finishers or a literacy center.
  • Constitution Day: informational text & comprehension questions
  • Context Clues graphic organizer: “What’s that word?” context clues practice page goes along with the Constitution Day text
  • Main idea and details: Skills practice page to go along with the Constitution Day text
  • “The Framers” Biography Research: Research one of the Constitution Framers. Includes list of teacher directions, graphic organizer to record facts, and writing page to compile information into an essay.
  • “Did you know?”: Use the code to learn interesting Constitution facts.
  • The Constitution Facts Page: “Who, what, when, where, why, how” facts page (in color and black/white)
  • Coloring Notes: The Constitution coloring notes page (think graphic organizer meets coloring page)
  • Fact and Opinion cut-and-paste: Constitution fact and opinion cut and paste activity page
  • Constitution timeline: informative timeline with events surrounding the writing of the Constitution, including questions page
  • Opinion Writing: Writing prompt with graphic organizer and writing page
  • Constitution acrostic poem: Write an acrostic poem about the Constitution to review what you know.


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