Brazil | Country Study | South America | Amazon River



Get ready to take your students all the way to South America with an exciting study of Brazil! This engaging country study includes everything you need to learn about the amazing country of Brazil. Resource includes activities for reading, writing, math, geography, making this a useful cross-curricular study.

Students will learn about Brazil’s geography, culture, food, plants, animals, people, and important sites. Includes a student fact book and other informational texts. Dive deeper with graphic organizers, text-based questions, biography research, writing activities, map skill worksheets, and even a trip planning page. Digital version made for use with Google slides also included.



  • link to digital version of all pages made for use with Google slides
  • QR code and video links posters & viewing guide
  • Brazil KWL chart
  • South America map
  • Brazil making words activity page
  • Brazil mini book including fast facts, where is Brazil, geography, people, culture, food, plants/ animals, and history
  • Brazil facts foldable
  • context clues graphic organizers
  • making inferences questions page
  • Compare and Contrast (Brazil v. United States)
  • Where is Brazil: reading a map questions page
  • Writing a summary graphic organizer (geography, people, plants/ animals)
  • Brazil flag facts and questions page
  • South America map and questions page
  • Brazil acrostic writing prompt
  • Christ the Redeemer informational text and questions page
  • The Amazon River text and questions page
  • Biography research activity for a famous Brazilian
  • Brazil coloring notes page
  • Plan a trip to Brazil instructions page and planning page
  • Brazil bucket list graphic organizer


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