Back to School Worksheets | First Days of School Activities



Back to school has never been this easy with engaging back to school worksheets and first days of school activities! These superhero-themed pages will keep your students busy and engaged during those first crazy weeks of the school year.

Resource includes getting to know you activities, working as a group activities, and academic pages to see what your students already know. Pages are geared toward the 3rd-5th grade classroom. Little to no-prep pages make these back to school pages teacher friendly for those super busy first days.



  • “All about Me” poster page
  • “A Super Classmate” is/ does/ says/ never brainstorming chart
  • “My First Day of School” writing page (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades included)
  • Building words activity page (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade pages)
  • Addition seek and find (2-digit by 2-digit)
  • Multiplication facts seek and find
  • “Superhero Glyph”-glyph key, design page, glyph gathering data graphs, interpreting glyph data
  • school word search
  • school alphabetizing cut and paste
  • Finish the picture art page
  • “Got M&M’s?” getting to know you activity
  • “Awesome Tiny Tower Challenge” group work activity
  • Multiplication puzzle (2-digit by 1-digit)
  • Multiplication problem and answer match practice page
  • Super sentence writing task cards and recording page
  • “I will be a superhero when…” goal setting graphic organizer and writing page
  • “How I’m going to have a super year” brainstorming page
  • “roll and write a story” fiction writing activity and writing page
  • “Our super classroom” activity page
  • “Math about Me” get to know me page
  • “My life in Numbers” activity page
  • Alphabet classroom search activity page
  • Student/Teacher role brainstorming chart
  • “People BINGO” get to know each other activity
  • “Match my Superhero” get to know each other activity
  • parts of speech cut and paste
  • “I am a Superhero” traits of a superhero writing page


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