Back to School Puzzle Worksheets | First Week of School Activities



Want something engaging, fun, and no-prep to give to your students during those hectic first days back to school? Check out these back to school puzzle worksheets! With 12 different puzzle worksheets included, you will have plenty of challenging yet doable first week of school activities for your students. Pages require no prep. Just print and go!

How to use pages during the first weeks of school:

⇨ back to school morning work

⇨ early finisher activity during the first few weeks of school

⇨ fun work break between teaching rules/ procedures

⇨ Quiet seat work while you handle other important tasks



  • Picture Search: Similar to I Spy, students will color each item and count how many can be found in the picture. 2 picture search worksheets included along with answer keys.
  • Word Unscramble: Use the fun clues to figure out each scrambled word. 2 word unscrambles included along with answer keys.
  • Word Pieces: Read each clue to piece together the missing word. 2 word pieces worksheets included along with answer keys.
  • Word Search: With a back to school theme, these fun word searches are perfect to have your students complete during the first days back. 2 word searches included along with answer keys.
  • Crisscross: Similar to a crossword puzzle, students will insert words into the crisscross based on the number of letters they have. 2 crisscross worksheets included along with answer keys.
  • Word Decoders: Use the decoder to fill in each joke’s punchline! 2 word decoder pages included along with answer keys.


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