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Looking for print-and-go April activities to use throughout the month? With over 50+ worksheets covering math and ELA skills, you will have plenty of options to keep your students learning all month long! Worksheets cover April Fool’s Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Easter, and spring.
How to use these worksheets?
Print and go worksheets for morning work, time-fillers, early finisher activities, RTI intervention (standard is listed on each page), to leave for a substitute, math/ ELA centers, or just to use in your classroom throughout the month!
Who are these worksheets for?
The pages included practice many common core skills, both for second grade and third grade. This was designed for use in the third grade classroom, but many of the resources would be useful for other grade levels as well.



  • Pages included chart-for teacher use
  • Pages used table. Includes page name, standards covered, and column to record date used in the classroom.

April Fool’s Day

  • Multiplication & Division coloring page
  • April Fool’s Day making words page
  • April Fool’s Day informational reading passage
  • April Fool’s Day comprehension
  • April Fool’s Day context clues
  • April Fool’s Day main idea/ details graphic organizer
  • Silly Sentences
  • Just Clowning Around-Fractions
  • April Fool’s coloring-parts of speech
  • Just Joking-Dialogue

Earth Day

  • Pollution informational reading passage
  • Types of Pollution cut and paste
  • What’s that Word? Vocabulary Practice
  • Explanatory Writing graphic organizer and writing page
  • Opinion Writing graphic organizer and writing page
  • Roll and Write a Story-narrative writing
  • Earth Day Letter Writing
  • Earth Day Acrostic Poem
  • Earth Day-Addition and Subtraction Coloring Page
  • Earth Day-Making Words
  • Earth Day-informational text
  • Earth Day-comprehension questions
  • Earth Day-context clues
  • Pollution-Cause and Effect
  • Recycle Good Words-Singular to Plural


  • My Easter Holiday-graphic organizer and writing page
  • The Great Egg Hunt-fiction passage
  • The Great Egg Hunt-context clues
  • The Great Egg Hunt-sequencing
  • The Great Egg Hunt-Character traits
  • The Great Egg Hunt-Comprehension
  • Hoppin’ In and Around-Area and Perimeter
  • Don’t Put all your Eggs in One Basket-multiplication/ addition sentences
  • Egg-cellent Words-Word affixes, prefixes, suffixes


  • It’s Raining Sentences-simple, compound, complex
  • April Showers-multiplication
  • Wet, Wetter, Wettest-comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Arbor Day passage and questions
  • Hoppy with Numbers-multiplication facts search
  • Llama Word Fun-synonyms/ antonyms
  • Chicks Dig Capitals
  • Blooming with Words-Prefix Word Search
  • Growing Word problems
  • Spring Fun-collecting Data
  • Spring Fun-interpreting Data
  • Spring Time-elapsed time on a number line
  • Buzzing Antonyms
  • Planting Patterns-number patterns


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