All About Plants Unit Life Cycle of Plants Photosynthesis Plants and Seeds




Looking for a thorough plant unit to teach about plant structures & functions, plant life cycle, photosynthesis, plant adaptations, and all things plant related? This comprehensive plant unit will cover all of your plant-related science standards! THIS BUNDLE INCLUDES BOTH PRINT AND DIGITAL VERSIONS OF THE ENTIRE UNIT.

THREE WEEKS of engaging, interactive lesson plans included along with many coordinating additional pages to extend unit. OVER 150 PAGES!! Students will love all the fun activities and teachers will love the easy lesson prep! Everything you need for a complete study of plants is included and ready to print and use immediately. Minimal to no prep work required.


  • characteristics of living/ nonliving things
  • plant structures and functions
  • seeds
  • plant life cycle
  • comparing plants and animals (life cycles and traits)
  • photosynthesis
  • inherited and acquired traits
  • plant adaptations (including desert, grassland, tropical rainforest, deciduous forest, tundra, and taiga)


  • Digital version of unit made for use with Google slides
  • Lesson Plans: 15 days of complete lesson plans covering the standards above
  • Vocabulary Posters: living things, nonliving things, life processes, plant structures, plant functions, life cycle, life span, germination, seedling, photosynthesis, reproduction, pollination, fossil, botanist, paleontologist
  • Plants Fact Book: 6 page plant book in both color & black/ white. Pages include living things, plant structures/ functions, plant reproduction, plant fossils
  • Vocabulary Foldable: 3 vocabulary foldable included. Perfect for gluing into a science notebook
  • Living or Nonliving: Picture Cards and activity page
  • Plant Structures & Functions: color and black/white diagrams, jot chart, cut-&-paste activity page, quiz, puzzle cards
  • Parts of a Seed: diagram, text, investigating a seed activity, and quiz
  • Plant Life Cycle: diagrams, fill-in diagram, life cycle wheel activity, writing activity
  • Comparing plants and animals: facts posters, life cycle diagrams and text for several plants and animals. life cycle picture cards, text, cut-&-paste, writing activity
  • Photosynthesis: text, 5 photosynthesis learning centers, writing activity
  • Inherited & Acquired Traits: About Me activity, cut-&-paste skills page
  • Plant Adaptations: Gallery walk activity including information about plants from the desert, grassland, tropical rainforest, deciduous forest, tundra, tiaga
  • Pollination: pollination simulation activity, writing activity
  • Fossil Making activity
  • Project Choice Board: 9 extension plant project ideas included. Students choose a project to complete. Grading rubric included.
  • Task Cards: Review what you learned about plants with this set of 32 task cards. Recording page included.
  • Extra unit pages included to use with early finishers or to extend learning.



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lauren R. said, “Amazing product that covers plants in depth. Great hands-on activities that kept students engaged.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Judy said, “This is a truly awesome resource. It hit every skill that was needed for the plant and animal unit.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kailey T. said, “This is one of the most comprehensive resources ever! There is so much you can do with this. My students really loved the board game. They were engaged throughout the entire unit and learned a lot! Thank you for this resource!”


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