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Your students will love learning all about Alabama with this engaging state study! Learn about Alabama history, sites, facts, state symbols, famous Alabamians, and more with the included fact book and activities. You will love the low to no prep skill pages. Teaching about the state of Alabama has never been easier! Includes a digital version made for use with Google slides.


  • link to digital version made for Google slides
  • Brainstorming chart: Alabama KWL chart
  • Alabama Posters: Major Cities of Alabama (color & black/white), Alabama state flag, Alabama State Seal, Alabama & its Neighbors, Where in the World is Alabama (color & black/ white), Alabama Symbols
  • Alabama fact book: tab-book includes fast facts, location, geography, history, sites to see, & fun facts. Assembly directions also included.
  • Vocabulary graphic organizers: practice new vocabulary words with 2 context clues graphic organizers
  • Coloring Notes: Coloring notes are graphic organizers meet coloring pages. Three coloring notes pages included. Students LOVE them!
  • State Symbols Gallery Walk: Learn about the state symbols with a fun gallery walk activity. Posters included about 7 of Alabama’s symbols. Gallery walk recording page included for gathering facts.
  • State Symbol Puzzles: puzzle cards to practice the Alabama state symbols
  • Alabama & its Neighbors: maps and map questions. Two quiz versions also included.
  • Famous Alabamians Biography Study: Use the QR posters to learn more about famous Alabamians. Fill in the graphic organizer with facts. Complete an Alabama biography movie.
  • Alabama Flag: Learn more about Alabama’s flag with informational text and text-based questions.
  • Alabama Acrostic Poem
  • Alabama Word Search


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