Plants Classroom Unit

plant unit

Spring is in the air and so are all things plants, animal life cycles, and weather. This plants unit has always been one of my favorites (I may be biased BUT I think it is a really, really fun and engaging unit!) in my store. It includes THREE weeks of engaging, interactive lesson plans included along with additional pages to extend unit even further! Everything you need to hit those 3rd grade plant life standards is included in this unit.

Plant Unit Lesson Plans

plant elementary lesson plans

The unit includes 3 weeks (15 days!) of complete lesson plans to use in your classroom. Each day is mapped out for you. All activities are included and require minimal prep work. This makes teaching super simple for you!

Lesson plans cover the following standards:
  • living and nonliving things
  • structures and functions of plants
  • plant life cycle
  • comparing plants/ animals
  • photosynthesis
  • inherited and acquired traits
  • plant adaptations
  • parts of a flower
  • pollination
  • fossils

Plants Fact Book

plant fact book for kids

SO many times teachers are trying to teach a topic/standard and they have very little material from their district adopted text. This is one reason I love to include mini fact books in my units! The plants fact book covers so much about plants in 6 information packed pages. My favorite way to use the mini books is to go over a page of the book each day and then follow it up with an activity.

Plant Unit Vocabulary

I love to use vocabulary foldables in learning content vocabulary. These included vocabulary foldables and color posters are perfect to help familiarize students with new plant vocabulary! 

Plant Structures and Functions

plant structures and functions

Learning the structure and function of plants is an important standard for students to master in their study of plants. I have included various activities for lots of practice! This unit includes diagrams, a jot chart, puzzle cards, quiz, and more.

Plant Life Cycle

plant life cycle


I love to incorporate learning centers during the science block. These photosynthesis centers are so fun! Get a copy of the photosynthesis game by signing up for my resource library HERE.

Plant Adaptations

Explore plant adaptations in different biomes. Read and learn about desert plants, grassland plants, tropical rainforest plants, deciduous forest, and the tundra. Use the QR code posters to extend text.

More Plant Unit Activities

Many more engaging activities cover comparing plants and animals, living and nonliving things, plant parts, and acquired/ inherited traits. This unit includes SO MUCH! Use it all or pick and choose the lessons that you need to cover.

Plant Unit Review

Review what you have learned about plants with task cards and a plant project.

Get this complete plant unit HERE!

Don’t forget to check out the photosynthesis game freebie below!

Happy teaching!