Patriotic Classroom Resources for Elementary

The school year is full of patriotic holidays like Presidents Day, Constitution Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, etc. As a teacher, I was always on the hunt for ways to teach my social studies standards while making them engaging, fun and age appropriate. One of my favorite things about making resources for teachers is that I get to design activities to help you easily achieve all those things without much work by you. Here are some of my ready to use patriotic classroom resources for elementary that you can pull from all year long!

patriotic resources for elementary

Social Studies in a FLASH: U.S. Government

These mini units are the perfect “bite sized” lessons in basic U.S. government. These resources are ready to use and full of facts on what is government, the branches of government, members of government and levels of government. There is also a bundle of all 4 for under $10! Perfect to teach these main concepts or add to what you already use.

government bundle

Founding Fathers

No better place to start teaching American history than with our founding fathers. This unit includes biographical information on 6 founding fathers as well as maps, history, and timelines all about the founding of our country. Don’t forget it comes with a google slides version for your google classroom for independent or online learning! 

founding fathers unit for kids

U.S. Constitution

The Constitution is one of the most important documents in our nation and definitely deserves a spot to be taught in school! Where I live, they have added some new guidelines for teaching about the Constitution during the month of September for all grades as part of Constitution Day. I know as a classroom teacher I did not have resources for this, so this resource was born! These engaging pages are print-and-go ready, and make it super easy to use in your classroom. It includes information about Constitution Day, The U.S. Constitution, The Preamble, and the Framers to the Constitution.

Constitution Day

Your students will probably love learning about the Constitution with using this fun puzzle worksheets packet! It’s another way to engaging way to teach about the Constitution.


This unit covers 9 FULL days of learning but can be broken down however you’d like to use it. The activities inside the unit cover what is a citizen, ways to become a U.S. citizen, citizen rights and responsibilities, the naturalization process, immigration, history of U.S. citizenship, and American symbols. A great one stop shop for all things citizenship! 


I have made teaching about some of our most important Presidents easy for you! I have biography units on over 19 Presidents. (If you want them all, grab the bundle and save some money!) These are ready to print and easy for students to read and understand. Digital versions also included!

Patriotic Holidays

Sometimes you might want specific resources for each holiday. These print and go packets make learning easy!

Hopefully these resources will make planning and teaching about the patriotic holidays a little easier for you! What other patriotic resources would you like to see? I would love to hear about them!

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