Activities for Teaching the Muscular System

activities for teaching the muscular system

Are you looking for fun, engaging and standards based ideas for teaching the muscular system? Then I have the perfect unit for you! My complete 10 day unit covers the third grade muscular system science standards. I have made using this unit fool proof by including engaging lessons plans for each day, exit slips, fun printables, and vocabulary posters! I just gave this unit a facelift, and I love it even more!

Lesson Plans

muscular system lesson plans

The unit includes 10 days of complete lesson plans to use in your classroom. All activities require minimal prep work. All materials all included! A digital version made for use with Google slides is also included.


muscular system videos for kids

Videos are a great way to build background knowledge or engage students in digital learning. This muscular system QR code poster links students to kid-friendly, informative videos about the muscular system. A video viewing guide is included to use with any of the videos. The videos can be shown whole group, in learning centers, or as an early finisher activity. Digital learners can also use them! Read about the videos I use in this blog post.

Fact Book

muscular system fact book for kids

I know as a teacher who spent over a decade in the classroom that the district provided textbooks don’t always cover what you NEED to teach your students! So to help busy teachers looking to supplement their curriculum I wrote the muscular system fact book. This fact book covers the muscular system functions, types of muscles, muscle memory, and muscle system illness research. I like to go over a page of the book each day and then follow it up with an activity like a writing prompt, coloring notes or QR code video!

Muscular System Diagrams

muscular system diagrams for kids

If you want your students to learn the muscles of the human body, these diagrams and activities are perfect for you. I included a major muscles diagram in both poster form and fill-in-the blank versions. A fun muscle foldable activity is also included. Don’t forget there are also 10 color muscle vocabulary posters in the unit as well!

Muscular System Research 

muscular system research

Students then can research about the muscular system. Research different aspects of the muscular system in this unit. Use the QR code poster for sources. Allow students to choose a project from the project choice board. It includes nine project options and a grading rubric.

Unit Review

Finally, review what you learned! My muscular system coloring notes are a great way for students to visually organize information. They also make great study guides. The set of 32 task cards can be used for review or as a grade at the end of the unit. I have also included an exit slip for 8 days of the lesson plan. These are perfect for quick checks of student learning after a lesson!

Get the entire muscular system unit here!

Happy teaching!

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