Digestive System Classroom Activities

Digestive System for grade 3
Digestive System for grade 4

Are you looking for some fun ways to teach your students about the digestive system? This digestive system unit is the perfect resource for the upper elementary classroom. I created this resource several years ago after struggling to find student-friendly text and classroom activities for the digestive system. Why can’t our textbooks just include what we need to teach?! That question is for another day…

Ten days of digestive system lesson plans and engaging activities are included. Now let’s take a little sneak peek into everything that is included.

Digestive System Lesson Plans

digestive system lesson plans

You will save so much time not having to piece text and activities together for a digestive unit. Learning objectives have been identified and easy to follow plans are included. All needed materials are there for you to print and use immediately.

Digestive System Videos

fun ways to teach about the digestive system

Videos are a great way to build background knowledge or engage students. The QR videos and links included teach students about the digestive system as a whole, but also the various organs within it and their jobs.

Digestive System Facts for Kids

What does the digestive system do?

As a teacher who spent over 10 years in the public school classroom, I know firsthand what you need to teach isn’t always in the district adopted curriculum. The fact book covers the digestive system, what digestion is, the organs/parts within the system, what waste is and how to keep the digestive system healthy. Its jam packed full of information for your students to use throughout the digestive unit.

Coloring Notes

In my opinion coloring notes are the BEST invention for elementary note taking! They are fun for kids while ensuring they get the information they need to know. It is another way to teach children what quality noes are and how to “take them”. They are a Rocket Resource staple in many units for good reason! This unit includes so many versions of notes for you to choose from. I have notes on the whole digestive system as well as coloring notes on the organs. Each one includes a color version, black and white, and blank to differentiate instruction as needed.

Digestive System Diagrams for Kids

Its no surprise kids learn best with a variety of learning styles. Including lots of visuals is VERY helpful when teaching about the human body and all its organs. I have included 2 different versions of the digestive system within this unit, both in black and white as well as color. I also have quick digestive system organ match game, which also includes individual pictures of all the organs found within the system.

Digestive System Functions

digestive system function

Learn about the functions of the digestive system with coloring notes and a writing activity.

You can get this digestive unit here! You and your students will love it!

digestive system classroom activities

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