Fun Halloween Activities in Classroom

One of the many reasons I love teaching in an elementary classroom is the fun surrounding each and every holiday! Although I do incorporate some things just for fun, I really like my holiday activities to be meaningful. These fun Halloween activities in the classroom are perfect to continue learning throughout the month.

Pumpkin Activities

Halloween season is the perfect time for pumpkin activities in the classroom. This pumpkin life cycle packet has just what you need to teach about pumpkins while meeting ELA and science standards. Learn about pumpkins and their life cycle. Combine these activities with pumpkin carving or decorating and pumpkin seed math activities for the perfect pumpkin-themed week of instruction!

Bat Activities

Spend some time during the Halloween season for some spooky bat activities! Your students will love learning about bats with this engaging, interactive packet. You will love the ease of prep and the variety of skills covered. This resource includes everything you need for a study about bats. Combine this unit with bat crafts and you have a few fun bat-themed weeks in the classroom!

all about bats for kids

Halloween Math and ELA Worksheets

These Halloween math and ELA worksheets are perfect for practicing standards throughout the month of October! The 50+ pages included cover a wide variety of standards geared toward third grade, but could be used in other grade levels. Start them in the beginning of October or just the week of Halloween to add a little Halloween fun into the classroom.

Halloween worksheets elementary

I’d love to hear about fun Halloween activities you use throughout the month of October!

Happy teaching!

Halloween activities in classroom