Gingerbread Day Classroom Activities

Have an entire gingerbread day in your classroom full of fun, engaging activities! The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect time to try out a class theme day! All activities are standards-based and fun to keep your class engaged all day long.

Themed days can be as involved or as simple as you want them to be. Go all out with decorations, themed-outfits and snacks. Keep it simple by handing out invites and focusing on the activities. Do what works for you.

Activities are included in this resource for an entire gingerbread-themed day in the classroom. It includes reading, writing, language, math, science, and social studies lessons. All materials can be used for one epic Gingerbread Day or spread out over the course of a week.


Begin by reading the classic story, The Gingerbread Man. I used the version retold by Catherine McCafferty. Other retellings should work with the included skill pages. Students examine character traits and motives, write a summary, and sequence a gingerbread cookie recipe. Teacher directions are included.


Students learn how to write a story summary with the included graphic organizer and writing page. A narrative writing “Roll & Write a Story” poster is also included. It works great as an early finisher or learning center activity.


Commonly confused words like “their, there, and they’re” are often a problem for students (and some adults)! Students determine if the word is used correctly or incorrectly in the sentence. Sort the words into the correct column and record answers.


Several math activities are included. Use them all or choose what works best for your students. First, build a gingerbread house and stay inside the budget. Next, answer word problems using the price list. Then, practice multiplication facts with a coloring page. Afterwards, practice addition and subtraction. The completed gingerbread house makes a great display of student work.

Social Studies

Students practice map skills with two fun activities. Help Gingerbread Stan find Fox using the clues and map skills. Identify the continents and oceans with a fun “Roll a Map” game. Use activities in a learning center or whole group.


Students will love this fun STEM activity! The Gingerbread Man has escaped in the old woman’s car. Find a way to slow his car down before he gets away again. Students must design and test ways to slow down the car. Then they will read about vehicles in motion to evaluate their designs.

Click here to get these Gingerbread Man activities for your classroom. Have a fun and happy Gingerbread Day!

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