Games to Learn Continents and Oceans

Teaching kids about world geography can difficult and abstract. One way to make learning both engaging and effective is to use games to learn continents and oceans.

Games provide hands-on, interactive learning that helps students retain what they have learned. Games are also great for reinforcing learned concepts, differentiating instruction, and assessing student learning. And what student doesn’t love learning with fun games?!

games to learn continents and oceans

Ready to give geography games a try in your classroom? Below are some of my favorite games for practicing the continents and oceans.

Continents and Oceans Games

Continents and Oceans Puzzle

Create a large puzzle featuring the outlines of the different continents and oceans. Cut out the pieces and have students work together to assemble the puzzle. As a follow-up activity, have students label the different continents and oceans and quiz each other on their locations.

Another idea is to create a puzzle template like this one. Add in the continent or ocean name, picture, and location. Students can work through creating each puzzle. This makes a great individual practice activity.

games to learn continents and oceans
Roll a Map Game

This “Roll a Map” game is a student favorite! Can be played individually or with a partner/ small group. Simply give students a pair of dice, a blank map, and assign each location a number. As students roll the dice, they fill in the location on the map. Continue until the entire map is filled out!

games to learn continents and oceans

Don’t want to create your own “Roll a Map” game? You can get this one for free here!

Oceans and Continents Match Game

Practice identifying the continents and oceans with a traditional match game. This one is easy because you students already know how to play. Simply make cards like the ones seen below. Use the cards individually or with a partner.

games to learn continents and oceans
Name that Location!

Create a list of clues about different oceans, such as “This ocean is the largest in the world,” or “This ocean is the saltiest.” Have students take turns reading the clues and trying to guess the ocean that is being described.

Continents and Oceans Boom Cards

If you want an interactive, self-checking, digital game to practice the continents and oceans, check out Boom cards. Boom cards are digital, self-checking task cards. They are played on the Boom learning website. (Can be played for free using the Fast Pins option, but also can be assigned to students with a Boom learning membership. I recommend the membership…there are Boom cards available for ALL the subjects!!)

continents and oceans boom cards

Continents and Oceans Board Game

Another game option for you is to make a continents and oceans board game. Make a game board, cards, and rules. Play the game in small groups around your classroom. This makes a perfect review activity!

games to learn continents and oceans

So why not give it a try and see how it can help to make learning about continents and oceans an enjoyable experience for your students! Love the idea of games, but you just don’t have the time to make them? The games pictured above can be found in my continents and oceans unit here.

continents and oceans unit

I’d love to hear about the games you use in your classroom to practice the continents and oceans!

games to learn continents and oceans