Fun Circulatory System Activities

Are you teaching about the circulatory system and wondering how to make it more enjoyable? I have been teaching about the human body to my students for years and have learned a few things along the way! Today I am sharing some of my favorite fun circulatory system activities for the elementary classroom. These activities will keep your students engaged, learning, and having fun along the way!

fun circulatory system activities

Circulatory System Videos

With the digital age we are living in, there are so many great videos about the human body out there. I like to use videos to build background knowledge and reinforce new concepts. They are a great way to start your lessons! My favorite sites for kid-friendly videos are YouTube (just add “for kids” to the end of your search), Study Jams, and BrainPop (requires a subscription).

circulatory system videos for kids

Heart Rate Activity

Have students take their pulse while resting, then while exercising, and record their results. Discuss how the heart rate changes during exercise and why this happens. Here is a heart rate activity that you can find in my complete circulatory system unit.

heart rate activity

Make a Model Heart

Using craft supplies such as cardboard, pipe cleaners, and foam balls, have students create a model of the heart. Discuss the different parts of the heart and their functions as they build.

Circulatory System Coloring Pages & Diagrams

Coloring pages are not just for little kids! Provide students with a diagram of the heart or blood flow to label and color. My newest favorite coloring pages are coloring notes or doodle notes. Coloring notes are graphic organizers meet coloring page. These are perfect to use throughout a unit of study, as a study guide, for a review, to add in science notebooks, etc.

Blood Cell Art

Have students create artwork using red and white paint or markers to represent red blood cells and white blood cells. Discuss the functions of each type of cell while students work.

Circulatory System Games

Use games in your classroom to reinforce learned concepts about the circulatory system. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

  1. Create a Jeopardy-style game with questions about the circulatory system.
  2. Create a circulatory system board game with questions for students to play with a partner or small group.
  3. Make a class Kahoot game. Students can compete with their classmates to see who knows the most about the heart and circulation.
  4. Use task cards for a class SCOOT game or small group review.

Your students will LOVE learning about the circulatory system using all of these fun activities!

If you want to provide engaging, fun learning activities about the circulatory system to your students but don’t have the time to plan it all, check out my complete circulatory system unit. With all lesson plans, reading materials, and engaging learning activities included, you can easily bring the fun to your science lessons!

fun circulatory system activities

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fun circulatory system activities