Fun and Easy Ice Breaker Games for the Elementary Classroom

The beginning of every new school year includes time spent building a classroom community. Facilitating ways for students to get to know each other, learn each other’s likes and dislikes and promoting a “family” atmosphere is so important. We want our classrooms to be inclusive and run like a family, right? I love to throw in short ice breaker games during the first week to help! Here are some fun and easy ice breaker games for the elementary classroom. (Look for a FREEBIE at the end!)

Two Truths and Lie

This is a classic that I am sure you’ve played at some point! Have a student choose 3 statements about yourself, 2 are true and 1 is a lie. Have the classmates try and figure out which are true and which is a lie. Don’t let your face give it away! 😊

Name and Favorite

This is a perfect short and sweet ice breaker to add into your morning time each day. Choose one category and go around and let each student share a favorite from that category such as favorite foods, sports, TV show etc. You could also give students a choice of 2 topics and let them choose which one suits them best.

Find Your Pair (Partner Match)

Another classic that reminds me of some great sibling or couple Halloween costumes! 😉 Give a card with a word on it to every student and have them search the class for their “partner pair”. Some examples are peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs and black and white. A quick way to add some fun to add into your first days!

Would You Rather

This would be another fun one to add to your morning class meeting time discussions. Pose fun hypothetical questions to the class such as “Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?” and let students share their choice and why. This one always gets kids laughing and out of their shell a bit. Think of or google some funny choices before you play! 

You can also use this game as a way to get your students up and moving. Pose the “would you rather…” question and point to one side of the room for one option and the other side of the room for the other option. Students move to a side based on their answer.

Classmate Bingo

There are lots of ways to create a Bingo board for back-to-school time! You can add student characteristics or hobbies to each square and have students mingle and meet classmates who “check” that box. This not only gets kids out of their seat, but also meeting new friends! Remember to add fairly generic things such a “likes ice cream” or “has a pet dog” to the bingo card so there will likely be a friend who matches. 

Here is a ready to print Classmate Bingo freebie just for you!

Fun and Easy Ice Breaker Games for the Elementary Classroom

I hope these easy to facilitate ice breakers can help your students make new friends and build connections this school year! Do you have any other games you love to use? Share them in the comments below! 

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fun and easy icebreakers for the elementary classroom