Football Activities for Elementary Students

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and one of the most popular events in the world. You might attend a Super Bowl viewing party to cheer on your favorite team, hang out with your friends, watch the newest commercials, or just eat the yummy snacks (that’s me!).

Why not use the Super Bowl hype to create engaging football activities for your elementary students? An entire day of fun football activities will have your students pumped up for the big game! Not gearing up for the Super Bowl? These football activities can be used anytime you want to add a little sports fun to your classroom.

football activities for elementary students

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Science Activity

Making paper footballs at school…what could be more fun?! Students will watch a video or follow the picture directions to make a paper football. Then they will complete a fun series of trials to determine how weight, gravity, and other forces affect the distance a paper football travels. Students will read the informational text to explain trial results.

Social Studies Activity

Practice latitude and longitude by finding the location of famous football stadiums across the country. Students will use the set of 32 task cards and a set of stickers to mark stadiums around the country.

Math Activities

Four different math activities will give you a variety of practice for your students. Practice 2-step word problems with a set of eight task cards and recording page. Review those division facts with a division fact search. Research stadiums in your state and answer questions about the data you collect. Plan the menu for an epic football party. Use the party food price list to stay within budget while planning for a crowd. Students love this real world shopping and planning experience!

ELA Activities

Students will read and answer questions about the injuries associated with playing football. Learn new football vocabulary words by practicing context clues. Writing activities include narrative and opinion writing.

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