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Integrating Subjects into Reading Series #5

Learning centers have always been a favorite part of my reading block. It provides the much needed time to teach small groups, work one on one with a struggling student, or do any testing. The question teachers always have though is, “What learning centers should I use?”

Center activities need to be meaningful, engaging, and easy to prep. One of my favorite ways to do this is to integrate science and social studies into learning centers. Science and social studies topics are usually engaging, so students will stay focused during center time. Meaningful activities also allow you to practice science and social studies content. Saving you precious classroom time. It’s a win-win in my book!

Here are some ideas I use to incorporate science and social studies content in learning centers.

Technology Center

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If you have a few classroom computers or tablets, having a technology center is both engaging and easy to prep. I like to use a technology center for learning videos/ note-taking or BOOM cards. Boom cards are my new favorite technology learning tool! They are perfect to use in learning centers as review of content you have already taught. You can read more about BOOM cards here.

Writing Center

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There are SO many options for writing so don’t forget to heck out my post exclusively on how to incorporate subjects into your writing here! My favorite writing center activities are to provide writing graphic organizers or coloring notes. Coloring notes are a fun way for students to review and recall information from a text and video. Having students complete coloring notes at the writing center is perfect because they are easy to understand and complete, don’t take a ton of time, and are an independent activity! 

Reading Center

Reading centers can be easy to prep and provide students with time to read books related to your current social studies or science standards. I love using a book rack or book of the week bin to showcase new literature each week! Have students write short summaries or keep a log of books read each week.

Hands-on/ Games Center

Another center idea is to have a hands-on activity or game learning center. These activities can tie in to any content area. Use task cards, vocabulary puzzles, foldables, games, etc. Students are engaged and learning!


I hope this post has given you some meaningful and easy learning center ideas to incorporate into your reading block today! Make sure you check out other posts in the “Integrating Science and Social Studies content into Reading” series. Happy teaching!

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