Engage Students while Teaching about Hurricanes

Here in Florida hurricane season is in full swing, so teaching about this natural disaster seems, well, NATURAL! Students love learning about natural disasters. I created this hurricane packet with informative, engaging activities to teach students all about hurricanes. Check out what all is included!

Vocabulary Posters

Having content vocabulary in your classroom is so important for learning vocabulary and reading comprehension. These 12 vocabulary posters work well on a bulletin board, word wall, or even a small section of your classroom wall. With vocabulary visible, students are also more likely to use it when writing and speaking.

Engaging Hurricane Videos

Videos are a must when engaging students with new content. Depending on where you live, your students may have no background knowledge or experience with hurricanes. Begin the unit with videos to build background.

Informative Hurricane Fact Book

Finding age-appropriate, engaging text is hard. I created this hurricane fact book to include exactly what I needed to cover while teaching about hurricanes. Discuss each tab of the book a day to chunk content into manageable sections.

Skill Pages

Cross-curricular activities are great to merge learning whenever possible. I teach about hurricanes during science, but these skill pages can be added in during the ELA block. They would also be perfect to add into a reading center.

Hurricane Research

Have students take ownership of their learning by providing opportunities for student choice whenever possible. Students practice their research and writing skills with these engaging pages.

Learn more about Hurricanes

There is so much to learn about hurricanes that one fact book couldn’t include it all! The pages below cover even more about hurricanes to include in your teaching.


Use these writing pages while teaching about hurricanes in science or add them in during your writing block. Students love writing about what it would be like inside a hurricane!

Coloring Notes

Coloring notes are one of the most engaging activities I use in the classroom. They are graphic organizers meet coloring pages. Students can literally spend HOURS making their coloring notes.

Project Choice Board

Projects are fun, engaging, and provide the opportunity for students to learn from each other. Choice boards are a great way to differentiate learning projects for all students. Students choose a project idea that appeals to their interests and strengths. A grading rubric is included.

Hurricane Boom Cards™

BOOM™ cards are a fun way to review any topic. If you don’t know about Boom™ cards, check out this blog post here. I made a Hurricane Boom Card deck to review hurricanes.

Teaching about Hurricanes Digitally

Needing digital resources? This hurricane unit has been made for use with Google Slides as well.

I would love to hear about your engaging hurricane activities or how this unit worked in your classroom!