Digestive System Books and Videos for Kids

Are you looking for digestive system books and videos to use in your classroom or with your kids at home? Well you are in luck my friends!

Using a variety of modes of learning is key in keeping students interested and engaged in lessons. I love using both books and videos for independent student work, small group lessons and whole group learning. When teaching the body systems, I have found some tried and true favorites to share with my students over the years. Here are a few of my favorites for you to try in your classroom!

Favorite Digestive System Videos

digestive system videos for kids
These video posters are part of my digestive system unit. Click picture to check it out.

Dr. Bionics Show- The Digestive System

If you’ve been around here for awhile you know I LOVE Dr. Bionic videos! They are free on Youtube, full of information and super kid friendly! They always include lots of visuals and are a great length at under 5 minutes. I guarantee your students will love this one about the digestive system!

PBS Body Waste Video

PBS is known for its quality, educational content and their short videos are no different! This video is also under 5 minutes and full of information on body waste. It has both pictures and real life kids teaching about the digestive system! Great for any elementary ages.

The Digestive System: Learning Junction

This 5 minute video is fully animated and full of facts. It would be perfect for younger viewers as well as intermediate elementary age as well. It really covers it all starting by going over the parts/functions of the digestive system to the best types of foods and drinks to keep your digestive system healthy!

Favorite Digestive System Books

Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body

Take a journey through the human body when the Magic School bus gets swallowed and enters the digestive tract!  You can find this book read aloud on YouTube as well.

How Food Travels in the Body: Digestive System

Follow the path of food through the digestive system and learn about how food is turned to energy. 

Time for Kids: The Digestive System

This book takes you on a journey through the digestive system with the most vivid images and photos.  You can find this book read aloud on YouTube.

A True Book: The Digestive System

This book, geared for intermediate readers, includes so much great information about the digestive system.  Read about digestion, digestive organs, and problems with the digestive system. You can find this book read aloud on YouTube as well!

Science Comics: The Digestive System

If your students love graphic novels, then they will love this comic written about the digestive system. Your students will love to be grossed out with talk of saliva, vomit, bacteria, and other yucky details about the body.

Want an entire digestive system unit all planned out and ready to use? You can find my 10 day digestive system unit here. It is the perfect companion to these fun videos and books!

Digestive System for Kids

I also have a previous blog post all about the unit with an overview of what is included in it here. You can check it out here.

Happy teaching!