Classroom Activities for the Respiratory System

classroom activities for the respiratory system

Finding classroom activities to teach about the respiratory system can be difficult, especially when you don’t have science textbooks! I couldn’t find digestive system kid-friendly text or interactive digestive activities. So I finally decided to just create my own unit.

You can go deep into study, or skim the surface. The activities are fun and engaging. Students love it every year!

Lesson plans for the Respiratory System

respiratory system lesson plans

The unit includes 10 days of complete lesson plans. Activities require minimal prep. All materials all included.

Respiratory System Facts for Kids

respiratory system facts for kids

Why do science textbooks not cover the standards or what you need to teach?! That is so frustrating as a teacher, knowing how much is spent on textbooks. I wrote this respiratory system fact book because I couldn’t find the necessary informational text.

This fact book covers the respiratory functions, parts of the respiratory system, creating, and respiratory health. I like to read a page of the book each day and then follow it up with engaging activities on the topic.

Respiratory System Functions

respiratory system functions

Learn about the functions of the respiratory system! Read about the functions of the respiratory system in the fact book. Create a functions of the respiratory system coloring notes page. Students LOVE coloring notes! Explain the functions in writing.

Respiratory System Parts and Functions

Learn about the parts of the respiratory system with a fun match game! Use the foldable to list the functions. Glue the foldable into a science textbook. Reinforce new vocabulary words with colorful posters. Walk through the process of respiration with an interactive sequencing activity.

Respiratory System Diagrams for Kids

Label the parts of the respiratory system using the diagrams. Simulate respiration with a easy respiration model!

Respiratory System Interactive Activities

Purchase the entire respiratory system unit here!

respiratory system for kids

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