Books to Use for Teaching the Skeletal System

Do you teach about the skeletal system in your classroom? I do, so I am always on the hunt for books to use while teaching the skeletal system. Books are great to supplement instruction, for reading centers, and to increase student interest. I love for my students to have access to kid-friendly text on science and social studies topics. Below is a list of the books that I use for teaching the skeletal system.

Bones: Our Skeletal System by Seymour Simon

Seymour Simon has written some phenomenal nonfiction books. The images are stunning, but I will say the text is high level. Read portions of this one with your students.

The Skeleton Inside You by Philip Balestrino

This is my favorite book to read during my skeletal system unit. There is so much information inside! This is a great one to read multiple times.

Skulls by Blair Thornburgh

This cute picture book is a great introduction when teaching about the human skull.

Give Me Back My Bones by Kim Norman

This cute book takes you through a scavenger hunt to put the bones of a skeleton together. Perfect to use when teaching students the names of the skeletal bones!

The Search for Missing Bones by Eva Moore

Everyone loves Ms. Frizzle! This Magic School Bus chapter book is a fun approach to learning more about the human skeleton. Use this as a read aloud or during reading small groups.

Book Companion Graphic Organizer

I created a book companion graphic organizer for students to use while reading books about the skeletal system. Pair a skeletal system book and graphic organizer for a reading center activity, early finishers, homework, science assignment, etc. I have included the skeletal system book companion graphic organizer in my free resource library. Sign up here!

Skeletal System Classroom Activities

If you need activities to teach the skeletal system in addition to books, check out my blog post about teaching the skeletal system.

Find resources to supplement your current skeletal system unit. Available in print and digital form. Review what you learned with engaging Boom™ cards! Click on the pictures to check them out!

Happy teaching!