Apple Activities for Elementary

apple unit study for elementary

Are you looking for fun apple activities for your elementary classroom?

I love to incorporate thematic units into my classroom, and autumn provides so many opportunities for fun units of study. It’s the season of pumpkin patches, falling leaves, and apple picking. One of the first fall units I like to incorporate is a unit on apples. I wanted an apple unit geared toward 2nd-4th graders that could be used throughout all subject areas. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I created this apple unit!

Parts of an Apple and their Functions

Learning about the structures and functions of plants is part of the third grade science standards. (You can read about my complete plants unit here.) These engaging printables help students learn about plants while focusing on the apple. Pages and the puzzle pieces make great learning center activities.

Life Cycle of an Apple Activities

life cycle of an apple

Next, you can learn about the life cycle of an apple with these fun printables. Read about the apple life cycle with the included text and diagram, create a life cycle wheel, fact/ opinion cut and paste, sequencing, and write a movie about it. Your students will love these fun activities!

Fun Facts about Apples

apple facts for kids

Continue your study of apples by learning some fun apple facts. Apple facts text makes a great small group activity on finding answers in the text.

The Story of Johnny Appleseed

Your students have probably heard the story of Johnny Appleseed since they were in kindergarten, but have they learned about the real man behind the legend? Practice comparing two texts on the same topic by reading about John Chapman and Johnny Appleseed. Several skill pages and graphic organizers are included, making it a great whole group reading activity!

Apple Math Fun!

apple math activities

Make math more fun and tie it into your apple theme with fun apple math worksheets! Practice gathering data, making a bar graph, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. These pages make great math workshop seat work or learning center activities.

Apple Experiment

apple experiment

My favorite activity of all in this apple-themed unit is this fun science activity. Students work through the scientific method to find something to put on apple slices to keep them from browning. This is a low prep experiment that students just love!

You can get all of these engaging apple activities (and even more fun pages) by clicking here

apple unit for second grade

Happy teaching!