3 Ways for Teachers to Get Back to School Ready

ways to get back to school ready

Have you started getting ready for back to school? My teacher side gets so excited around back to school season.  I think it’s something about a fresh start to a new school year that gives me all the feels.  I have the choice to change things, add new ideas, be better, and do better than before.  Its a fresh start!

Then there are the new supplies in stores….I just LOVE shopping for school supplies!!  A set of flair pens brings me way more joy than they probably should. Most teachers are probably like me in that you are already thinking of back to school.  Today I am going to share three tips to help you get ready for back to school.

1. Set Up and Organize Supplies

Organization is the key to a well-functioning, productive classroom. We need materials to be easy access for ourselves and our students.  Think of places where organization will help you the most.

  • classroom supplies
  • teacher files (paper and digital)
  • manipulative bins
  • planner
  • grade book
  • classroom library
  • teacher desk
  • student desks/ group supplies
  • emergency sub plans/ binder
  • create labels for student notebooks or folders

Go ahead and label your textbooks and or workbooks if needed.  Set up your Google classroom if possible. Get as many things as possible organized now.  Trust me, you will thank yourself later!

2. Prep Classroom Procedures and Routines

What do you want your classroom to feel like?  How do you want it to run? These are just two essential questions to think about BEFORE kids are in your room.  Create a list of routines and procedures for everything in your classroom.  Not only will it give you guidelines, but it will make a great reference list for the first weeks of school.  Get this FREE classroom procedures template in my Free Resource Library. Not a member yet? Sign up HERE.

free classroom procedures list for teachers

3. Prep First Week Resources

Prep first week resources. The first weeks of school are so overwhelming and exhausting, so having resources ready to go are key.  Gather several back to school books and generic skill pages that you can use when you have a little extra time (or just need a little break!) Resources like my Back to School Superstars require little to no prep and can be used anytime throughout the first few weeks of school. 

back to school worksheets
back to school worksheets
back to school worksheets

Get ready for Meet the Teacher night, Open House, or the first day of school with a Meet the Teacher presentation.  This one is perfect for busy teachers to just input your info and share digitally with your class and/ or parents. 

meet the teacher editable digital presentation
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Have a great back to school season!